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Original British P-1907 S.M.L.E, P-1942/43 Bayonet Grip Set (No Bolts)

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Original Item: Wood pair of grip plates for the Enfield 1907 17" bladed bayonets of WWII issue. Most are unmarked. These also fit he India pattern 1907/42, the 1943 Jungle Fighting Bayonets of WW2 and the DP63 (M-2A) 7.62mm Ishapore Police issue Enfield Rifle bayonet. Buy a complete set of our Original un-issued pair of wood grip panels, (new old stock),  for these WW1 and WW2 British Bayonets to restore your collection today. (No Bolts or Nuts)

Please note that the color of the wood can vary significantly from the pictured examples.

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