British P-1894 Naval Boarding Pike

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Original Item: In 1894 the British Military adopted the Pattern 1894 Cavalry Lance and P-1894 Naval Boarding Pike. These were related weapons, however, their individual use required different sizes. The lance was 9' 1 overall (109") with a 2' 4" steel head (28") fitted onto an ash wood shaft. In contrast the Boarding Pike was shorter measuring 5' 6" overall (66") with a 15" steel heads also fitted on Ash wood shaft. Both weapons were destined for obsolescence within the next 20-30 years.

IMA is proud to offer original Naval Boarding Pikes that came from a British Regimental Officer's Mess wall display and are in very good to excellent condition. They are absolutely original, each having the correct steel pike head with dual supporting tangs securing it to the Ash shaft. Each head bears stamped proof marks and acceptance dates but, in most cases, these are nearly unreadable due to years of polishing (Mess display, after all). However, the quality of the 19th century production and faint markings together with the patina leaves no doubt that these are the real thing!

Boarding Pikes were traditionally carried on Galleons, Men-o-War and subsequent Naval Battle vessels to "Repel Boarders" and in earlier days were issued in longer lengths. However, their use was later expanded to boarding parties so a shorter pike was adopted for easier maneuverability. IMA was only able to attain ELEVEN of these rare pikes, the remainder of the display having already been sold, making these quite scarce indeed. Boarding pikes represent a truly romantic part of Naval History dating from a time of sail and early Ironsides. Don’t miss this opportunity to add such a rare and unique piece to your collection.

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