British P-1853 Three Band Enfield Rifle Kit

Item Description

Original Item: P-1853 .577 Cal Percussion Rifle also known as the three Band Enfield; this popular and rare model sold out almost immediately, but we can still offer the first rifle to become standard issue in the British Army through this kit. Complete and original, the stocks have been damaged beyond conservation, so we are offering the few rifles remaining rifles in original condition, but with the bonus of a brand new stock included. As an added value we have shaped the stock appropriately and fashioned new brass butt plates to bring your treasure back to its former glory. Note: Although the replacement stocks are pre-shaped to accommodate most of the original parts, the lock cavity has not been drilled, because each lock had subtle differences in size and shape. 39" barrel with three bands of steel, brass trigger guard and butt plate. Complete with adjustable ladder-back sight, this rifle changed military tactics with its capabilities; Imported extensively for use in the U.S. Civil War, Overall condition fair to good. A very rare opportunity to own a significant piece of military history that greatly affected wars on three continents.

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