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British P-1834 Inniskilling Dragoons Gilt Cavalry Helmet

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New Made Item: Almost without question, this is the most attractive and ornate British Cavalry Helmet ever issued. Just breathtaking. From one of Britain's most elite cavalry regiments; The Inniskilling Dragoons, this helmet is completely gold plated, as were the originals. It has a magnificent helmet plate (badge) bearing the complete Royal Coat of Arms over the battle honor WATERLOO under which is a tape band running across the brow, from ear to ear, reading INNISKILLING DRAGOONS.

The body of the helmet shell and the neck guard are covered with embossed foliage details while the crest is embossed on both sides with oak leaves and a leaping lion on front. This front lion portion is removable when fitting a bearskin crest cover (not yet available) when required for parade use. The helmet comes fully lined and complete with scalloped chin scales and lion claw clasps that connect under the chin. The Ensemble comes with it's own custom black wood display stand complete and mounted brass plaque that reads; BRITISH 1834 HEAVY CAVALRY HELMET OF THE INNISKILLING DRAGGONS.

The helmet is full size and truly magnificent, only a very limited quantity available, never to be repeated.

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