British Martini-Henry Replacement Walnut Butt Stock

Item Description

New Made Item: Martini-Henry Rifle genuine American Walnut butt stock, manufactured exclusively for IMA by one of the USA’s best stock manufactures. Comes rough sanded and unstained unfinished so you may easily match it to the wood on your rifle. Each stock comes fully inletted for attachment to action as well as the butt plate and are bored correctly for the stock bolt.

Exactly what rifles will this stock fit? This stock is designed for all versions of the British Military issue Martini Henry Rifles MI, MKII, MKIII & MKIV. It will fit Martini Metfords, Martini Enfield and Enfield Martini's: both long and short lever. It should also fit any commercial or volunteer pattern Martini that is patterned after the Martini Henry including the Turkish Peabody Martini. It may not fit so called Khyber Pass Martini's or other Martini copies nor will it fit Greener Martini's or Cadet Martini's.

Note- stock cup recess not cut in order for use with both long or short lever models.

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