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British Martini-Henry MKII Original Replacement Stock Set: NOS

Item Description

Original Item: Amazing! These stock sets are not reproductions. Found in Nepal with the rest of our 2003 cache of arms, we have a very small quantity of NOS (New Old Stock) Government marked original un-issued butt & fore stock Martini-Henry sets. Butt Stocks bear ?RFI? (Rifle Factory Ishapore) government stamps, as well as various other markings. We believe these stocks to be Walnut or a very close alternate hardwood.

IMA cannot be entirely sure when these stocks were manufactured, our first thought was that these were made at the turn of the 19th century. However, as RFI was known to stamp Lee-Enfield butt stocks with ?GRI? prior to 1948 George Rex, Imperator (i.e. King George VI, last Emperor of India) and ?RFI? after 1948, there is a strong possibility these we made in the 1950s! Perhaps under contract to Nepal to restore some Martini-Henry rifles that were in service for prison use and civil guard duty. However, no matter when these were made, it provides a fascinating story. These are stunning, strong, solid and an easy perfect fit for your original Martini-Henry MKII rifle.

What an upgrade! Act quickly, fewer than 25 sets available.

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