British Lewis LMG P37 Gunner Kit

Item Description

Original Item: The Army of Great Britain provided an extensive set of support equipment for the Lewis Light Machine Gun Mk. I starting with its introduction in WW 1. Experience in that war demonstrated what parts and tools would be required in the field on the "sharp edge" of the Army in combat, and these items became the core of the spares and tools carried by the gun crew.

A new set of infantry equipment was developed during the period between the World Wars and was adopted as the Pattern 1937 (P37) Equipment. One central component of the kit is the basic pouch, two of which are worn in front of the torso suspended by the braces and the equipment waist belt. The pouches were intended to be general purpose, accepting both rifle ammunition in clips and bandoliers/bandoleers and also Bren Gun magazines. Later, when the Sten machine carbine was adopted, the basic pouches were increased in length to carry Sten magazines. The pouches were also adapted to a wide variety of other functions, too.

The P37 infantry equipment obviously offers an excellent means of carrying Lewis LMG spares and tools. This Gunner?s Kit uses a special variation of the basic P37 pouch which includes a leather strap and a buckle closure for greater security. It also has three sewn-in loops inside for carrying essential tools. These pouches are extremely rare.

The kit includes a total of 21 parts and assemblies. In addition, the kit includes 8 original issue tools. All parts are serviceable; many are new and unissued, some are used, and a few might be marked DP.

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