British Lee-Enfield SMLE P-1903 No.1 Dummy Practice Rifle w/ Bayonet: Original Pre-WWI Issue

Item Description

Original Rifle, New Made 1903 Bayonet: We just found ten of these Bayonet Practice Dummy Rifles from the reign of King Edward VII (1901-1910). These are Original Pre-WWI production and issue, meaning they are over 100 year-old! All are Broad Arrow marked with King's Crown over ERVII" stamp. Each practice rifle comes UN-CLEANED. These are INERT "Dummy Rifles" that come with new made Pattern First Modle P-1903 Sword Bayonet. Each Rifle is constructed from wood and metal. Featuring WWI issue ?pinch? earned nose cap, and steel Front Sight Mount with Bayonet Stand for affixing a Bayonet yet there is No Barrel or Action, just a simulated Trigger, trigger guard and fixed magazine and simulated aluminum Standard adjustable SMLE Back Sight. Each Dummy Rifle comes with a Butt Plate and provision for Sling Swivels although swivels are missing. Underside of the fore stock is inlaid with panels of lead to increase the weight to simulate the feel of a working rifle. These are un-cleaned and heavily greased from years of storage and may have minor chips, dings or wear. Nevertheless these are Original Pre-WWI British Military Issue each being marked with Broad arrow, King?s Crown and ERVII stamp; a very interesting variant of the Short Magazine Lee Enfield No.1 (SMLE) Series. Dummy rifles come complete with a new made FIRST model P-1903 Enfield double edged Bayonet (No Scabbard). This model bayonet was only issued for four years was superceded in 1907 with a longer 17" bladed Bayonet that compensated for the shortening of the P-1903 SMLE Rifle following the P-1888 Lee Metford and Long Lee Enfield Rifles. A really interesting earliest variation of the Bayonet Practice Rifle Series that covered the P-1903, the P-1907 and the P-1944 Enfield Bayonets.

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