British Leather & Brass Miner's Helmet: WW1 (Dated 1916)

Item Description

Original Item: One Only! A novel and interesting item dating from 1916 is this leather Miner's Helmet complete with a Brass Carbide Lamp Assembly. Originally developed in the 1800s during the reign of Queen Victoria this primitive illumination system was used right up until WW2.

The brass lamp has two compartments, the lower to hold small cubes of carbide and the upper to be filled with water. When turned to the "on" position the water was allowed to drip on the carbide giving off a flammable gas that was expelled to the front in the center of a reflector and lit by way of a flint like a cigarette lighter. The mirrored reflector magnified the resulting flame to allow work in total darkness to take place; simple and ingenious.

Miners of course are associated with Coal Mining in Britain but did see essential Military service during World War One with excavations to undermine trench works on the Western Front etc, a tactic used as long as gunpowder had been available.

This particular British Miner's helmet is of classic hard leather construction complete with canvas inner head liner and leather head band bearing traces of Makers name and 1916 date. The helmet is complete with its original brass Carbide Lamp marked "Premier" and has full manufacturer's name and "Leeds, Eng." stampings on bottom. Appears totally complete and theoretically is in working order.

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