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British Enfield SMLE Steel Bayonet Scabbard for No. 5,7,9 Bowie Blade Bayonets

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New Made Item: Original scabbards have become very hard to find on the collector’s market today, so we have developed a wonderful high quality reproduction featuring a tight locking fit and brass throat, just like the originals we have in our collection!

This bayonet Scabbard designed for the legendary SMLE of WWII and later, this scabbed fit the Enfield Number 5, 7, or 9 Bayonets (aka #5, #7 or #9).

Bayonet not included, available separately.

The No. 9 Mk. I bayonet has an interesting history. It represents the culmination of a post-war desire to replace the No. 4 spike bayonet. The first attempt to do so resulted in the innovative No. 7 Mk. I/L bayonet. With the War Department's decision not to issue the No. 7 Mk. I/L bayonet with the .303 caliber Lee-Enfield No. 4 rifle, there remained a strong desire to replace the No. 4 spike bayonet. Compared to the elaborate No. 7 Mk. I/L, he No. 9 Mk. I was a much simpler, utilitarian affair, with a sturdy socket pinned to the clip-point blade of the No. 5 Mk. I bayonet. Because the No. 9 Mk. I blade was closely patterned on the No. 5 Mk. I bayonet, the No. 5 scabbard was retained for use with the No. 9 Mk. I bayonet. Production commenced in 1947, even before the No. 9 Mk. I was officially approved. (They couldn't off the No. 4 Spike soon enough!).

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