British East India Company Pattern 1771 Brown Bess Musket Dated 1776 (w/ Bayonet): One Only

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Original Item, ONE ONLY: In 1771 The British East India Company adopted the 39" Barrel length for the standard Brown Bess Musket which had previously been 46" (as they never transitioned to the 42" barrel length). In 1796 the British Government also adopted the 39" Barrel length and logically designated it the P-1796 "India Pattern" Musket. We offer an Original East India Company contract Brown Bess Musket made by "GILL" with the early East India Company "Heart" Logo and dated 1776! The musket has all the 'India Pattern" features of the later P-1796 Government musket and comes complete with East India Company marked bayonet with it's unique East India Company spring catch. This is an extremely rare Musket in about as good as condition as one could reasonably expect from a line musket of 233 years of age. Although dated 1776 this musket did not see service in the American Revolution but was busy oppressing another colony half a world away at that same time. All original parts including a VERY RARE original wood stock in very good to excellent condition!

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