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British D-Day WW2 Floatation Ring (One Only)

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Original Item: One Only. This is neat and very rare. Did you know that many Soldiers on D-Day, especially, I suppose; those that couldn't swim were issued with the Military version of a Rubber Ring? Here is an un-issued example showing all markings and straps as issued in June 1944. Made from a rubberized canvas material, this was tied around the waist and was equipped also with a canvas neck strap. In the centre is a rubber type length of hose with mouthpiece to inflate the floatation devise. Fully maker marked with reference number 96687 broad arrow marked and dated 1944. Just perfect; the real thing. I wonder if any strapping great Tommy loaded down with his Bren Gun and all his gear really stood in the landing craft wearing these "Water Wings". Better than drowning. Heard about them, never seen them before. Great for the beach! Original British Marked and Dated Military "Water Wings", sorry, ?Floatation Device?.

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