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British Brown Bess Musket Early Third Model Replacement Stock

Item Description

New Made Item: Originally manufactured over 15 years ago these were designed to accommodate the India Pattern Third Model Brown Bess Muskets, which had a 39" barrel. Each stock has a full inlet, desirable Bannister rail stock comes complete with brass butt plate, brass side plate, brass trigger guard, trigger assembly, three fitted brass ramrod pipes and brass nose cap, and complete with two steel Brown Bess pattern Sling Swivels. All you need is the Flint Lock Assembly, the 39" Barrel and the Ramrod.

Now these are not perfect reproductions, the butt plate does not perfectly match a true 3rd model and some of the brass mounts could be closer to the real thing, however, its very affordable and about as close to any reproduction we have seen.

Never assembled into complete weapons as the company producing these went under prior to getting to market. Their loss, our gain! This is your chance to upgrade that old Bess clunker. Overall Length: 51 inches.

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