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British Brodie Steel Helmet: WW2 Dated (Desert Tan)

Item Description

Original Item: Refurbished British WW2 dated and marked Brodie (Soup plate) helmet,very similar in style to the US WW1 "Dough Boy" Helmet.

Helmets show WW2 Dates between 1940-45 stamped into the steel shell. Each helmet has been stripped and repainted in Desert Issue TAN. Each is complete with original unissued early model canvas chin strap with integral spring system, at point of mounting, which attaches to each side of the helmet bowl. These helmets were in service for decades, so they may have some degree of dents and areas where rust was removed. Also the stamping and heat treatment process used during original production can lead to rippling of the steel, which is how some were originally issued.

The liners are brand new reproductions of specially treated canvas, exactly like the WW2 pattern, and are complete with the rubber head cross, with brass securing bolt with nut.

Now eminently suitable for adding British WW2 Divisional and Regimental decals (Offered separately).

North African Issue in Desert Tan with holes on Neck Brim for addition of Neck flap (Havelock) for Sun protection. (Havelock, is not included nor currently available).

Liners come in two sizes. Please specify what size you want in comments section when ordering

Small: fits up to US 7 1/4 (58cm)

Large: fits up to US 7 5/8 (61cm).

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