British Air Commodore Viscount Walter Leslie Runciman of Doxford: Uniform Set

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Original Item: One Only.

The History: Walter Leslie Runciman Bt. OBE, AFC, AE.  Born: 1900 Died: 1989, son of Viscount Runciman of Doxford, educated at Eton and became a King's Scholar at Trinity College Cambridge. First Commander of RAF 607 (County of Durham) Squadron raised March 17th. 1930. This Fighter Squadron became one of Britain most famous Squadrons in The Battle of Britain and throughout WW2.

In 1939 Runciman was promoted to Air Commodore and after the outbreak of WW2 became Director General of BOAC under the Churchill Administration. In 1943 he was posted to TEHRAN as Air Attach? and was instrumental in creating "The Declaration of the Three Powers" agreed upon by Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill in December 1943 that mapped out the remainder of the war.  Runciman retired from Military Service in 1946 and succeeded to his father's seat in the House of Lords in 1949. He spent the next 40 years spearheading multiple Government Committees, Councils and Charitable Organizations.

A crony of Churchill's, Viscount Walter Leslie Runciman led a privileged life and was a member of the Government's innermost circles when Britain stood alone.

The Item: Air Commodore's Runciman's (King's Crown) Dress Uniform Tunic in Air Force Blue with gilt Acanthus leaf embroidered Collar, gilt cuff band of Rank and the shoulder insignia's of an Air Commodore. Together with his RAF Officer's Leather and fur Parade Helmet with gilt roping and blue horsehair hackle.  The whole in remarkable condition preserved in a custom steel transit Chest fully painted with RAF Coat of Arms and marked to: "Air Commodore W.L.Runciman, OBE,AFC,RAF and 607 Squadron all to the exterior.

The inside of the chest lid painted with large RAF powder blue standard showing Union Jack and Air Force Roundel insignia. Also included in the Chest is an Officer's over sized Swagger Cane with silvered top bearing RAF Crest as used by Sergeant Major's etc. No doubt a memento from his Military days. Included with this interesting set are photocopies of Viscount Runciman's obituaries from The Times of London, September 2nd 1989 and The Daily Telegraph, September 4th. 1989 together with a printout of "Brief History of the 607 (County of Durham) Squadron and

Who's Who listing of Runciman of Doxford listing all his ranks, titles and achievements. Best of all thee is an Original 11" X 14" high quality photograph by the famous London Photographer "Lenare" of the Air Commodore in this very uniform and his Viscount robes carrying his Coronet and RAF Sword which was taken on the occasion of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second on June 2nd 1953 at which he was a guest. The photograph fully marked and dated on the reverse.

A truly magnificent Set of Tunic, Helmet, Cane, documentation and Original Photograph all contained in wonderful personalized Steel Transit Chest all from an individual who was in the center of power during Britain's darkest hour.

A few more pictures available upon request by email.

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