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British .303 Enfield P1903 1st Model SMLE Bayonet

Item Description

New Made Item: Britain introduced the SMLE rifle in 1903. With it they issued the standard 12" bladed double edged knife bayonet similar to that of the 12" blade style of the Lee Metford and Long Lee Enfield Rifle Bayonet which was known as the pattern 1903 or P-1903 bayonet.

The new "Short Magazine Lee Enfield Rifle" (SMLE) was shorter than its predecessors. By 1907 so many complaints had been received that the bayonet was too short that the standard P-1907 WW1 bayonet was introduced with a longer 17" blade. Believe it or not, the complaint was based on the inability of the infantryman to bring a cavalryman off his mount with the combination of short rifle and short bayonet. The problem was solved in 1907 but alas by 1914 warfare had so developed that infantry against cavalry engagements were a thing of the past.

Nevertheless the P-1903 Bayonet was used in service throughout the First World War. Production, however, ceased by 1907.

These new made reproductions can complete any .303 SMLE Enfield Rifle collection as the very first SMLE bayonet to be issued.

These are a nice reproduction of the British Enfield P-1903 Bayonet. They were manufactured to look somewhat aged, so there may be wear to the finish on the crossguard and pommel.

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