British 12th Lancers Set: Victorian Era (One Only)

Item Description

Original Items: One Only. This set was part of a forty year-old collection and just doesn't come to the market but once in a very great while.

This set is comprised of an Original 12th Lancer's Trooper's Helmet complete with chained chinstrap and red horsehair plume. The Brass Helmet plate is covered in Battle Honors including the Sphinx showing service in the Egyptian Campaigns, Central India, South Africa, Peninsula for Wellington's Campaign in Spain 1807-1812, Sevastopol for the Crimean War 1853-5 and finally Waterloo which was Napoleon's final defeat in 1815, and frankly with this regiments Red lining to the Helmet make this one of the most attractive Trooper's helmets ever issued. Of course the officers, who were often "peacocks" excelled themselves to far greater and possibly absurd levels during this period, which was the close of Victorian England.

Also included is a Pair of this Trooper's detachable Parade Epaulettes in brass with the 12th Lancer insignia displayed.

Of particular interest is a 12th Lancers Trumpet beautifully marked and dated "HENRY KEAT & SONS, 105 & 103 MATHIAS RD., LONDON". It is also stamped R.P. and 10.96 indicating October 1896; there are "Broad Arrow" markings on trumpet and detachable mouthpiece. Of particular interest is that the Trumpet retains it's Original 12th Lancers color cords with tassels which have probably been undisturbed for more than 100 years.

From any Collector's or Historian's point of view these 12th Lancer items are exceptionally decorative and desirable, however, the most interesting part of this set is that the above items are contained in a 12th Lancers inscribed Steel Chest measuring 18" x 24" x 18" tall being in fact a portable Safe/Strong Box with 2" thick walls, the interior measuring 13" x 19" x 14" tall. This Chest is inscribed "Paymaster, 12th Lancers", "Fort Beaufort via Port Elizabeth, South Africa" and on the front bears the Regimental cipher of Kings Crown (post 1901) above Crossed Lances under Prince of Wales Feathers above large Roman "XII". The Chest is heavy, but just imagine it filled with Gold Sovereigns and some of the Regimental Silver out on Campaign. Some rust damage to the bottom, but still eminently serviceable and displayable. We have just never seen anything like this before.

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