Breda Model 1937 Display Gun w/ Mount

Item Description

Original Item: One only, just received from a museum quality private collection. Used extensively by German troops, especially after Italy changed sides in 1943, the Breda medium machine gun is an impressive display item.  Its barrel is very heavy, weighing almost 10 lb.  This is one of three methods of achieving sustained fire from a machine gun, water cooling, heavy barrel, or quick change barrel.  Display guns of the heavy barrel type are scarce on the collectors market.  The Breda is unique in another respect: it is fed with 20-round feed strips, and after a cartridge is fired, THE EMPTY CASE IS REINSERTED INTO THE STRIP.  When the strip has been completely used, it is ejected from the gun with 20 empty cases in it!  This gun also features an interesting, complicated tripod mount assembly, which has been carefully cleaned. This gun includes two boxes of feed strips, one of which is fitted with 20 dummy 8 mm cartridges for display in the gun.  It also includes an excellent leather gunner's tool kit, which is complete with all original contents.  Numerous additional accessories are also available from IMA. Email for more pictures.

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