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Book: CARVINGS from the VELDT: Part Two

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Newly Printed Item: By Dave C George, printed in Australia now available for the first time in the USA. Hard Cover, approximately 350 pages, in FULL color.

In 2004 Dave C. George ?broke new ground? by publishing his 140 page book titled ?Carvings from the Veldt?. This was the first book ever on this previously undocumented subject, dedicated to the fascinating custom of carvings and ?stock-art? as found on Boer rifles. This practice was unique to the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902. However, during the war many Colonial soldiers copied this Boer custom as well. Decorated Boer rifles that were captured, were often taken home as ?war trophies? by British officers and regiments.

Exceptional interest in this first book prompted the author to embark on a second ?follow-on? edition. After four years of research the new ?Part Two? book has been recently released. The new book is A4 size, hardback with 350 pages absolutely packed with over 1400 photographs (mostly in color). Featured are 306 more carved Boer War rifles, carbines, pistols and various artifacts providing an extraordinary personal link to those who fought in this bitter conflict.

The author has recorded the weapons that uniquely bear the name or initials of the Boers or soldiers that carried them. He has identified their owners and provided a brief service history of each Boer or Colonial soldier and where possible, photos of the original owners are included. Battle names and actions in which their owners fought as well as farms names are often encountered. Commando units or regiments served in are listed, together with medal entitlements, casualty details and Prisoner of War camps identified (if appropriate). Many of these rifles and carbines are quite spectacular and ornate in the quality of the carving and decoration. Frequently they include the Boer Republic Coats of Arms, regimental badges and effigies of for example, Boer President Paul Kruger or Queen Victoria. Rifles that belonged to four Boer generals are featured, along with other weapons used by high ranking British and Colonial officers.

The first chapter in ?Part Two? is dedicated to 60 examples of British and Colonial rifles that have been carved. The majority of the rifles and carbines in the book are carved to Boer combatants and there is also an excellent chapter on pistols; including a number of C96 Mausers as well as Colt and Webley. The majority of the handguns are engraved with the owner?s name and often, his unit. One C96 Mauser pistol complete with buttstock, was once the property of John Spencer Churchill, Winston Churchill?s brother, who was serving in the South African Light Horse.

Other chapters deal with miscellaneous carvings and trench art ? such as pipes and trinket boxes carved by Boer Prisoners of War, while another chapter features Boer War Re-enactors from three continents (including two groups in the USA). A fine selection of cap and unit badges and shoulder titles are featured, along with headdress and other equipment including swords, bayonets, bandoliers and ammunition (in color). A list of M93/95 Mauser rifle and carbine serial numbers is also supplied.

These are books that cater for many interests, including rifle collectors and shooters, medal and badge collectors, military historians, researchers and students. No serious student of arms, can afford to be without these books.

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