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Austro-Hungarian WWI Berndorfer Helmet Brow Plate - High Quality Aluminum Reproduction has a rating of 4.5 stars based on 2 reviews.

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Austro-Hungarian WWI Berndorfer Helmet Brow Plate - High Quality Aluminum Reproduction

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New Made Item: Copied directly from an original sample in a private collection, this is a quality aluminum reproduction of the rare Austro-Hungarian WWI Berndorfer Helmet brow plate. The Berndorfer Stahlhelm was introduced in early 1917 to supplement the German style M-1917 helmets, and were only used by the Austrian forces during WWI. These helmets were made in limited numbers, and were all made by Berndorfer Metallwarenfabrik Arthur Krupp A.G. in Berndorf, lower Austria.

The styling of the Berndorfer helmet was unique, and didn't conform to the standard shape of the German Stahlhelm. It was more bowl-shaped, but also had a pronounced crimp on the ends of the visor, giving it an altogether different appearance. It also lacked the vent holes of the German-style helmets, so the brow plate attachment system was completely different. The vent of the helmet was located on the top, so the plate has a metal arm to hook around that, as well as hooks to fit under the brim. Securing is done with a cloth strap that goes around the back of the helmet.

Only 3% of Berndorfer helmets were equipped with the brow plate, making originals nearly impossible to find. This is a very high quality reproduction made of high grade cast aluminum in the United Kingdom. These are hand finished, making these extremely high quality, while also weighing significantly less than an original.

Perfect for any collector looking for a curiosity, or a WWI Austro-Hungarian re-enactor looking to complete their Berndorfer helmet.

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