Armored Burgonet Helmet & Polearm from Scottish Castle Leith Hall Circa 1700

Item Description

Original Items: Only One Set Available. Originating from the Strakaty Collection of Vienna, Austria, these two items were removed from LEITH HALL, said to be Scotland's most Haunted Castle, in 1963, upon the death of the last member of the Leith family.

Upon Lady Leith's death, the Castle, known as 'Leith Hall' was given to The National Trust for the use of the Nation. Before so doing Lady Leith had all those 'horrid unwanted weapons' removed by her attorneys who shortly after her death disposed of the contents of the Armory and various family documents to an English Antiques Dealer, Herbert Sutcliffe. Mr. Sutcliffe subsequently sold many of the exhibits to George Strakaty of Vienna an ardent Collector and himself an International Arms Dealer (google him).

These two items consist of an Armoured Burgonet Helmet complete with ear flaps, circa 1650- 1720 and a Pole Arm something on the lines of a Scottish 'Lochobar Axe' which bears an armorer?s mark and is marked LEITH HALL on the shaft dating from the same period.

Tradition has it that the Scottish Rebels who fought at the Battle of Culloden used both items on April 16th 1746 when the Duke of Cumberland's Army completely decimated the Scottish Army who supported 'Bonnie Prince Charlie'. We are told that the Leith family did not themselves take part in the battle but were sympathizers and hid various Rebels, 'on the run' after the event. One, a Scottish Nobleman who was almost 7 foot tall remained in hiding at Leith Hall for almost 25 years before being pardoned by King George III. All this is easily confirmed through internet research.

In addition to the Burgonet Helmet and the Pole-arm we include an original Leith family letter, 15' x 12', suitable for framing, signed by GEO.LEITH and Dated 31st.May 1765. This document had originated together with those 'horrid weapons' from the family Attorneys in 1963.

A truly interesting offering with a known provenance, presented as a set including the Leith Hall Pole Arm, Burgonet Helmet and Leith Family Letter.

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