Ancient Trojan War Helmet - 18G Steel with Leather Liner

Item Description

New Made Item: This Helmet is one of the most superior Trojan style helmets that we seen on the market. It is similar to the ones worn in the film starring Brad Pitt. Features 18 gauge polished steel, black horsehair comb and genuine leather liner.

Troy (Ancient Greek: Τροία, Troía, Ἴλιον, Ī́lion or Ἴλιος, Ī́lios; Latin: Troia, also Īlium; Hittite: 𒌷𒃾𒇻𒊭 Wilusa or 𒋫𒊒𒄿𒊭 Truwisa;[3][4] Turkish: Truva or Troya), also Ilium, is a city well-known to both history and legend (as well as archaeology), and was situated in northwest Anatolia in what is now Turkey (but which was known in Classical sources as Asia Minor), located south of the southwest end of the Dardanelles/Hellespont and northwest of Mount Ida at Hisaronu. It is best known for being the setting of the Trojan War described in the Greek Epic Cycle and especially in the Iliad, one of the two epic poems attributed to Homer.

Key Features

- As seen in the film Troy.
- Constructed of 18 Gauge steel.
- Includes a genuine leather liner and chinstrap
- Size Large- fits 24 to 28 Inch head circumferences

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