Ancient Matchlock Wall Gun: Circa 1600 (One Only)

Item Description

Original item: One Only. Discovered in the old Palace of Lagan Silekhana in Katmandu, Nepal this is one of our most remarkable finds; an ancient Matchlock Wall Gun. Extremely heavy barrel, the exterior appearance of a Blunderbuss, with swelled mouth, this weapon in fact was designed to propel a projectile of about 1.25? in diameter. Still retaining its original Wood stock with worm damage to the butt, the trigger mechanism still works to introduce the lighted match cord to the powder pan. Too heavy to be held by hand, the barrel is fitted with a collar projecting two trunnions from either side for securing to a wall mount thereby achieving steady and possibly accurate fire. Amazingly the original, rather primitive, front and rear sight assemblies still remain, how effective they were when first made is very much a matter for speculation.

This is a truly rare and unusual, possibly unique item! Very early 17th Century Asian Matchlock Wall Gun of truly large proportions. Condition commensurate to age.

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