American Revolutionary War British 42-Inch Brown Bess Musket by Pratt

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very interesting musket with several notable features. This is an original pattern of 1779 that was the first Brown Bess model to be fitted with the "S" side plate. The 1779 contract was given to John Pratt who produced these muskets between April 1779 and July 1780 with a later second production run between 1793 and 1795.

This Musket comes from the first production run in that it is regimentally marked on the barrel "KING'S ROYAL REGT" which was raised in 1776 and disbanded in 1783. Although we have had these P-1779 42" Muskets before this is the first one we've ever had to actually carry the maker's name PRATT stamped in the ramrod channel!

Please see GOLDSTEIN AND MOWBRAY's wonderful book BROWN BESS pages 132-141. This is a fabulous informative work that is essentially a picture book for Brown Bess enthusiasts, it is currently available almost everywhere).

The tang of the brass butt plate it is stamped N-Y 114 indicating use by New York State or militia either during the conflict or after the war concluded in 1783.

This musket appears to be untouched, complete, totally original and unaltered. Internet research on "THE KING'S ROYAL REGIMENT OF NEW YORK" is included, but this musket could certainly benefit from more research.

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