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Airsoft Thompson 1928 AEG: U.S. WW2 SMG w/ Drum Magazine

Item Description

New Made Item: This is an AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun) that shoots .20 gram Plastic BBs at 400-430-465 fps (feet per second). This model manufactured by Cybergun and imported by Palco Sports is a very accurate replica and is constructed of metal and plastic. The weight and feel are true to the US WW2 issue Thompson 1928. The battery is stored in the stock for balance and realism.

The infamous Thompson Model 1928 aka the "Tommy Gun" was favored by every mobster and gangster in the prohibition era and after for its firepower and portability. It was a common sight of the time, being used by both law enforcement officers and criminals. The Thompson was also known informally as: the "Tommy Gun," (the tommy gun is actually the Thompson M1928) the "Trench Broom," the "Trench Sweeper," the "Chicago Piano," the "Chicago Typewriter," and the "Chopper?. Even the infamous John Dillinger, Public Enemy Number One, favored the Thompson submachine gun. This replica is true to the original and comes complete with vertical foregrip, finned barrel and signature Cutts Compensator. The rifle also boasts an adjustable rear sight, steel gears, a metal gearbox, and a high-cap "drum" style magazine. The rifle is powered by the included NiMH battery and includes a charger. The rifle can go from semi automatic to full automatic with the flip of a switch!

A Thompson 1928 is a must have for any collection of WW 2 small arms. IMA offers numerous Thompson accessories, including slings, bandoleers, carriers, and much more!

Thompson 1928 Features:

Model # 43901

Full original Thompson Logos and Trademarks

Individual unique Serial Number

Full Metal Frame Construction

Full metal body with simulated wood grain finish

Gearbox: Fully Upgradeable Metal Gearbox

Full metal gear box with reinforced steel gears and metal bushings

Accurate Replica very close in feel to an original

Adjustable Hop-Up

Type of fire: Semi & Full Auto

NiMH Stick Battery Included

Standard Wall Charger Included

Velocity 430+ fps (0.2 g BB)

Drum Magazine Capacity 450 Rounds- Included

Package Includes: Gun, Magazine, Battery, Charger & Cleaning Rod

Made in by Cybergun China, Imported by Palco Sports, USA. Palco Sports offers a 30-Day manufacturer warranty. For warranty issues call 800-882-4656. Please follow warranty instructions included in package. Only if damaged in shipping should you contact IMA for resolution.

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