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Original British Martini-Henry Rifle Cleaning Jag Mk II .450

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Original Item: Straight from our exclusive discovery of arms in the royal palace of Nepal! Official British Mk II military issue cleaning jags for attaching to the threaded end of the cleaning rod for barrel maintenance. SCARCE, always very hard to find, original British Issue. This Mk II version was approved for service on December 30th, 1875. (See "Martini Rifles and Carbines" by Ian Skennerton, pages 4 & 40.)

In use, a thick piece of tow is wrapped around the jag, the way we use cleaning patches today, and the bore is scrubbed out with, ideally, hot water, until no more fouling comes out. When clean, a light coating of oil, carried in a small brass oiler, is applied. (The oil bottle accessory is also available from IMA.)

Like much of what Victorian designers created, this jag is probably one of the most complicated cleaning jags anywhere at any time. It consists of three finely made components to allow the tow to follow the rotation of the rifling.

What you will get an uncleaned example and after you clean it with love, it will look like the top one.

Not all Jags are marked, please "choose special hand select" and specifically request British markings for such an example.


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