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Original French Pre-WWI Era General Officer’s Kepi by Tehran Based Tailor - Possible Diplomat - Officer - Emissary Stationed in Persia

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a fantastic example of a red French Kepi, as worn by General Officers in the Army. Although it's not entirely clear why this Kepi would have been made in Iran, we believe that it was created for either a Diplomat, Military Officer, or Government Emissary stationed in Iran in the years leading up to WWI. In 1912, the “Syndicat Franco-Iranien” was founded in Paris and represented in Tehran by Georges P. Bertrand. They started to exploit coal and minerals in the south of the Caspian Sea (AMAE, NS Perse, vol. 60, 8 April 1914), and the trading house of Gilbert and Pfeiffer planned to export supplies of cigarette paper. Therefore, this Kepi could very well have been worn during this “Syndicat Franco-Iranien” period.

The kepi is a military-styled headdress with a cylindrical form, a flat circular top, and a visor. It was commonly worn by the French Army but was also adopted by various other countries, including America.

In 1852, the first proper model of the kepi had a square visor. This slightly oversized visor was referred to as bec de canard (duckbill). This model had no chinstrap, but later designs had chinstraps, smaller visors, and buttons.

The body of the cap is constructed of red wool known as Madder Red. The body of the kepi does have some very minor moth nips scattered throughout. The black band has a lovely foliate design as used by General officers.

The interior of the kepi still retains a red silk like skullcap lining and worn brown leather sweatband. The lining does have some rather extensive material loss present as well as a delicate feel. The top rigid disc still has a very clear manufacturer marking in gold:


A lovely example of an early French Kepi that comes more than ready for further research and display.

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