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Original British WWI Enfield SMLE Rifle Action Cover- Dated and Regimentally Marked

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Original Item: IMA has purchased a very interesting Collection of regimentally marked WW1 Rifle Action Covers. Each bears Regimental and other markings in the correct permanent black paint/ink used at the time. Additionally there are WW1 Manufacturer's Marks and dates, often very faded. Now, these have seen "Action" very possibly in the trenches and NONE are like new or anywhere approaching it. All have seen considerable service, may or may not have the leather securing thong, show plenty of wear, fading, small splits, wear holes, repairs and are dirty.

However, these are the REAL THING and may well have been in the trenches!

Painstakingly accumulated over 50 years by an English collector, now deceased, many of these may have traveled all over the Empire. Each cover has been researched and bears an attached tag showing the Name of the Regiment and it's pre 1881 Infantry Number for Example: A cover marked:- 2.YK and 24239 refers to "The Second Battalion , The Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regiment" which was known only as "The 19th Regiment of Foot" up until 1881. The serial number no doubt refers to the individual soldier.In addition the cover is marked: "M.E.Co.1916" (Mills Equipment Company) and has the Broad Arrow Acceptance Mark.

Being offered AS IS, these are Collector's items, tatty, worn and washed out British WW1 Action Covers marked with Identified Regimental Markings, Maker's Marks and WW1 dates. Potentially masses of research potential in every one! Limited quantity; virtually no two alike. No choice on Regiments, apologies.

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