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German WWI Ersatz Bayonet Hilt Assembly

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New Made Item: HILT (grip) ONLY, Bayonets and scabbards are not included only show for reference. The Great War of 1914-1918 took Western Europe to the very edge. Technology had outstripped tactics and the resulting mayhem consumed vast amounts of both men and material.

Trench Warfare became hand-to-hand combat in short order with the result that great shortages developed in the most unlikely areas. This included bayonets for German soldiers on the front line. The results were Emergency Pattern bayonets of usually all steel being adopted commonly referred to as ERSATZ BAYONETS.

There are a myriad of different models and styles and old blades were often pressed into service usually being reduced to a common 12-inch length but in some cases the full length original blade was used.

In that so many collectors have accumulated old reject blades of all varieties IMA has introduced Ersatz bayonet hilt assembly being a standard ersatz pattern in all steel complete with cross guard and bayonet catch with just the blade missing allowing the collector the opportunity of recycling an old blade and thereby creating a German WW1 Ersatz type bayonet for display or re-enactor purposes. The hilt, like the originals, is hollow allowing the blade tang to be custom fitted and perhaps soldered or welded in place. These may require fitting, especially on the muzzle ring.

These make a great addition to the New Made Ersatz Bayonet Scabbards we offer (Item Code AGG9405).

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