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British WWI Gor Blimey 1915 Winter Forage Trench Cap- Wool

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New Made Item: A top high quality wool constructed Trench Cap hat as used by Great Britain in WW1. This fine reproduction was copied directly from an original in the IMA collection. Features of note include a correct cut, shape, color, genuine wool construction, quilted lining with correct bull’s-eye pattern stitching, as well as a finely cast brass regimental badge (cap badge can be easily replaced or removed).

History of the Gor Blimey: When Commonwealth troops found themselves locked in trench warfare in the first winter of 1914, the SD cap was proven to be inadequate. Although troops were issued with a balaclava it could not be worn under the SD cap. The answer to this need was the rapid introduction of the "Cap, winter, Service Dress' known as the "Gor Blimey". The cap was never intended to be worn in the UK and only authorized for wear by troops on active service. The "Gor Blimey" appears to have been disliked by the Command Structure for its lack of military appearance, but liked by the troops for its relaxed look and functionality.

The Winter forage cap was made from the same drab wool as the SD cap but did not have rigid stiffening to the top, body, or visor. It was heavily padded and lined with quilted shirt material. It had an external neck flap that when not in use folded up onto the top of the cap and secured with a cloth slider. For this reason, there was no leather chinstrap.

It appears that in May of 1916 when the Helmet Steel Mark 1 became individual issue, the winter forage cap was withdrawn from service although it was not completely withdrawn until 1917. As helmets would now be worn at all times in the front lines, and allowed the wearing of a balaclava underneath, the need for a front-line winter cap was redundant. Although never manufactured in Canada, it was popular with Canadian troops.

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