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Original U.S Civil War M1863 Spencer Navy Rifle Sword Bayonet by S & K with Extremely Rare Scabbard & Frog

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Original Item: Only one available. This is a fantastic example of an contract-made imported Spencer M1863 Rifle bayonet, made by a well known German Sword marker. More importantly, not only does the bayonet still retain the original 24 inch blade length, it also comes with an exceedingly rare original scabbard and frog! These bayonets were used at sea, and the leather would very quickly degrade. They are truly like hen's teeth, and this is the only scabbard we have ever seen.

This fine example is marked by the maker on the blade ricasso:

S & K

Schnitzler & Kirschbaum of Solingen, Germany, was first founded in the Legendary "City of Blades" in 1808. Originally it had several subsidiaries to allow the different families to trade independently if desired, but in 1851 the company was consolidated after the sudden death of one of the owners. S&K had obtained contracts from the U.S. government in 1839 and 1840, and again supplied swords, sabers and sword bayonets to the Federal army during the Civil War. For more information, please see GERMAN KNIFE AND SWORD MAKERS by J. Anthony Carter, page 493.

This was a U.S. Civil War contract for a 24" straight bladed, brass hilted sword bayonet to fit the U.S. Spencer Navy Rifle Model 1863. Please See Albert Hardin's fine work THE AMERICAN BAYONET 1776 - 1964, Pages 124 and 125, Item 98 TYPE II. It is also listed in Watts & White’s fine work THE BAYONET BOOK, page 425, item 895.

Unlike most that we have seen, our example still has the original full length 24" blade. Many of these were deliberately shortened to about 18" because it was claimed to be too unwieldy in combat, especially when attached to the rifle, but this example has not been. It is well marked with Navy Proofs and in very good condition, with an overall length of 29 inches. 

The scabbard is also in very good condition, with the leather still quite good, though as expected the locket and chape are a bit loose on the body. The leather frog has some missing stitching, but is otherwise very good.

In fine condition with clear markings and an incredibly rare scabbard, ready to display!

Blade Length: 24 1/4"
Blade Style: Single Edge Sword
Overall length: 29"
Crossguard: 4 1/2"
Scabbard: 24" with Frog

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