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Original Brunswick P-1841 type Late Model Officer's Musket - Untouched Condition

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Original Item: Found in Nepal these are original smooth bore full stocked Officer's Muskets that have the outward appearance of being Brunswick Rifles (P-1841). Introduced for use by Junior Officers (NCOs) who led Companies of Smoothbore Musketeers armed with either the smoothbore Flintlock 3rd Model Brown Bess or P-1842 Percussion smoothbore Musket.

Initially these NCOs were issued with Rifled Brunwicks, however, the poor quality of the black powder of the period created so much fouling in the rifled barrels that the Officer's rate of fire suffered drastically. The result was that the attending Company of Musketeers reduced their rate of fire to match the slow pace of the Officer's rifled weapon.

To solve this problem in 1841 NCOs were issued Smoothbore Brunswicks that allowed the Officer the status & prestige of carrying what appeared to be a rifled weapon but that was able to match the rate of fire of other smoothbore muskets.

These 160+ year-old Muskets are TOTALLY untouched and offered in AS IS condition for you to enjoy!

What does "Untouched Condition" mean? OK, this is exactly what we are offering: Genuine Nepalese manufactured P-1841 Brunswick Officers muskets that have laid undisturbed for well over 150 years in far from perfect storage conditions in the Old Palace of Lagan Silekhana in Katmandu, Nepal. Our DVD of "TREASURE IS WHERE YOU FIND IT" shows these very weapons as we found them and the story behind them.

What you will get:

- Lock
- Barrel
- Brass Butt Plate
- Brass Trigger Guard
- Stock [May have Cracks, Missing Chunks, Old repairs, Wood Rot]
- Ram Rod

What you might not get:

- Screws [Sling Swivel Screws, Butt Plate Screws, Lock Screws, etc]
- Nipple
- Brass Nose Cap
- Sling Swivels
- Barrel Pins
- Other small parts

Typical Condition:

- Will show Rust
- Will be Covered in filth
- May not operate
- May be incomplete
- Stock may be broken or cracked
- May be frozen in grime

However, EVERY Musket WILL BE 100% GENUINE!

No Firearms License or Permit of any kind are required to purchase this incredible piece of history.

We ask you to look closely at the photographs, the example photographed here is a typical gun that could expect to receive, read reviews, both good and bad, and only then place an order understanding what you are likely to receive. We want educated aware customers. If it isn't what you expect, that is fine, return it (before you attempt any restoration or cleaning) and the full gun purchase price will be refunded to you, however, the customer will pay shipping both ways. We cannot exchange guns and will not get into an exchange situation, so please do not ask.

We are not trying to sell you an incomplete weapon and then sell you the missing parts. We will do our best to make sure it is complete as possible. We do sell some replacement parts, but not all.

We are not trying to frustrate you; we are trying to fill a void in the marketplace for genuine but affordable rare and unique antique weapons so that collectors and historians of all backgrounds can enjoy a genuine part of history.

These should be viewed as "project" guns, work on it with your son or grandson, clean it up, hang it over your mantle, or don't clean it, they are impressive anyway you see them. The price is affordable; the history is priceless.

If you want to shoot it, DON'T! If you still want to shoot it, take it to a licensed GUNSMITH first. These are 160+ year-old hand made guns, be very careful, IMA sells these for display purposes only, they are not intended to be fired.

Please buy our products, but do read the reviews and descriptions first. We feel you will agree that the recovery of old weapons from Nepal was a milestone for the collecting fraternity and we hope you enjoy a genuine antique weapon that has never been touched by any other collector than you.


Years of Manufacture: c.1845
Caliber: .70 inches
Ammunition Type: Ball & Powder with Percussion Cap
Barrel Length: Approx. 30 inches (varies)
Overall Length: Approx. 45 inches (varies)

Action: Back Action Percussion Lock
Feed System: Muzzle-Loaded

NOTE: International orders of antique firearms MUST be shipped using UPS WW Services (courier). USPS Priority Mail international will not accept these. International customers should always consult their country's antique gun laws prior to ordering.

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