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Original U.S. Vietnam War Era HGU-26/P Flight Helmet with MS-22001 Oxygen Mask and Nylon Helmet Bag

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Original Item: One-of-a-kind. The HGU-26/P request for nomenclature is dated Jan 14, 1970 and is based on the HGU-22/P Helmet Shell. There is no military specification detailing exactly what goes into an HGU-26/P but until the appearance of the single visor HGU-26/P both USAF and manufacturer information was consistent in describing the HGU-26/P as an HGU-22/P helmet shell with a PRU-36/P side-actuated double visor. Sierra Corp and Gentex Inc sold single and dual visor HGU-26/P helmets.

The HGU-2/P, HGU-2A/P and HGU-26/P helmets have been modified and upgraded to meet every user's whims over the years. The most common modifications are custom fit liners instead of the standard fitting pads and the single visor cover gull wing cut to improve the pilot's upward visibility. Both these features are included in the helmet prepared by Protection Inc. for the USAF Thunderbirds display team.

A modification kit known as PRU-36/P visor housing kit is to provide the same improvement in upward visibility as the gullwing cut on the single visor housing.  It can be supplied with tinted, gradient, clear or anti laser visors.

The customers would then install comfort liners, oxygen mask retention receivers and communications to suit their operational needs. The helmet circulated with US Armed Forces, NATO, FMS etc.

This example is in very good service used condition, and consists of a HGU-26/P Flight Helmet with a single tinted visor, an MS-22001 Oxygen Mask, and correct nylon helmet bag. The helmet itself has a lovely aged white color, with some retroreflective tape added as decoration. The yellow tape has some letters punched out, and it reads LDF on the rear, and LEE FONS on the front, possible avenues for further research. The visor still slides down easily, however the handle knob for it is completely missing, so it moves back and forth freely.

Inside of the helmet is in good condition, showing wear, however it is not falling apart like so many we see are. The leather covered pads are still relatively soft, and the ear cups are still soft as well, though they do show some cracking and deterioration. Size is relatively small, probably about a 7 1/8 or smaller. The cable from the earphones is still present.

The mask is in good condition, and is marked FONS on the left side. It still has the correct adapter harness for attaching it to the helmet, and the cable from the integral microphone is still present.  The BAG, FLYING HELMET, NYLON indicates that it is for a 7 inch helmet, and the contract number is dated 1972. It shows some lovely period wear, but is still quite solid.

Flight helmets issued to jet pilot helmets during the Vietnam war and the early 1980s are very hard to find!

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