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Original U.S. Cold War Era Inert Hungarian AZ58-K100 Training Grenade - Complete

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a wonderful, Cold War era U.S. produced Hungarian AZ58-K100 training grenade. This grenade was never intended to be used as a destructive device and is therefore inert and unable to be rendered live. It is in total compliance per the current BATF regulation governing ordnance.

Not Available For Export.

The Hungarian AZ58-K100 anti-tank training grenade is a rather complex design. The live version of this device featured a hollow charge and was meant to be thrown to land on the top of an enemy vehicle. A spring-loaded parachute in the back of the device was used to ensure that the weapon engaged enemy vehicles at the proper angle. Because the primary purpose of this trainer was to teach proper throwing technique, it does not feature any explosive charge. The grenade is not marked. The AZ58-K100 Hungarian made trainer is painted silver, while the live version of the device is painted green. Both were operated by the Hungarian armed forces. This example however appears to be constructed of a black resin/rubber type material with a sheet steel base, “spoon” and pin.

A wonderful, hard to find example ready for further research and display.

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