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Original U.S. WWII Rare 305th Cavalry Regimental Chain-Stitched Embroidered Colors (Flag) - 50” x 33”

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Original Item: Only One Available. The 305th Cavalry Regiment was a cavalry unit of the United States Army during World War I and the interwar period. It was activated in early 1918 but broken up in the middle of the year to form new artillery units. The unit was recreated as a Pennsylvania Organized Reserve unit during the interwar period, and was disbanded after the United States entered World War II.

This is a flag that represents the 305th Cavalry Regiment, also known as the "Colors". In the Army, regiments, battalions of regiments, and separate battalions have a stand of colors. The first color is the National Color, which is a version of the national flag trimmed with a 2+1⁄2 inch-wide (6.4 cm) gold fringe. It is equivalent to the King's Color in the British Army. The second color is the Organizational Color, which is the same dimensions as the National Color but is of a single color representing the branch of the service that the unit is from. Each branch also has its own fringe color, which the Organizational Color is trimmed with. For instance, this flag represents a Cavalry Regiment, and therefore, the colors are yellow.

For regiments, the eagle from the Great Seal of the United States is in the center of the color, with the regimental coat of arms in the shield, much like this flag. The eagle holds a scroll bearing the regimental motto (Spectemur Agendo), with the crest of the regiment's coat of arms above it, and the regiment's name below.

Unit Information

Organization: 305th Cavalry Regiment.
Commander: Lieutenant Colonel Robert D. McCullough (January–26 August 1941)
Part Of: 62nd Cavalry Division (1921–1942)
Branch: United States Army
Active: 1917–1918 & 1921–1943
Motto: Spectemur Agendo (“Let Us Be Judged By Our Actions”)
Coat of Arms: The 305th's coat of arms was approved on 29 October 1924, and its distinctive unit insignia was approved on 30 January 1925. Both were rescinded on 2 February 1959. The distinctive unit insignia included a 1 1/8 in (2.86 cm) gold colored metal and enamel device, which consisted of a yellow shield divided by a black stripe with three plates in the center. A lion rampant was depicted above the stripe, and a red star with yellow border below it. The shield's color symbolized the cavalry, the stripe and lion were taken from William Penn's coat of arms, and the red star symbolized the 305th's initial organization in Texas and its artillery service. The regimental coat of arms was of a similar design to the distinctive unit insignia but included the Organized Reserve's Minuteman crest above the shield.

Flag Measurements (Without Fringe): 50” x 33”

Upon close inspection, it is evident that the overall condition of the flag is quite impressive. The chain-stitched details on the yellow background are particularly striking, with the contrast adding a lovely touch to the piece. It is worth noting that these flags were rarely seen on the battlefields, as they were reserved for ceremonial purposes, which explains the exceptional condition.

While a few tangles in the fringe are present, there are only very minor stains on the flag. Apart from that, it is in very good condition, with no significant damage present. The hoist side still retains its tabs for attachment purposes, indicating that it was well-maintained and possibly stored appropriately. Overall, this is a remarkable piece that is sure to be a valuable addition to any collection.

A wonderful example that comes more than ready for further research and display.

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