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German WW2 StG44 Combination Tool

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Original Item: The German StG44, which revolutionized small arms as the first assault rifle, was issued with a very simple combination tool. IMA’s tools are original and unissued. They came out of the crates that our StG44s came in many years ago, and were just lost. All are sticky with Cosmoline, and some have traces of the original paper they came from the factory in.

The combination tool has two functions, to serve as a wrench to unscrew the gas cylinder plug and to remove the steel handguard from the barrel. The tool has a reduced diameter for a short distance at one end, and this is inserted into one of the cooling holes in the handguard, which is then pried off. The combination tool is intended to be carried in the butt trap, which is accessed via a spring-loaded door on top of the butt.

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