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Original Spanish Oviedo M1871 Remington Rolling Block Rifle in .43 Spanish Reformado - Dated 1875

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Original Item: Only One Available. The Spanish Oviedo arms factory produced rolling block rifles under a patent agreement with Remington. There are a number of key indicators when identifying these rifles. The receivers are typically stamped on the right side with the Crown over ARO over the date of manufacture. The fore-end is also attached with a cross bolt just forward of the receiver. The rifles were chambered .43 Spanish Reformado, the proprietary national cartridge for the kingdom of Spain. The breech block, hammer, and trigger guard are about .040 inch wider than the Remington counterparts and do not interchange. Also note the addition of a firing pin retractor in the top of the breech block. This is similar to the concept used in the Danish Rifles. The straight bar extractor usually has two down legs and the breech blocks show a double notch cut in the left side. The receivers will make a nice custom rifle keeping in mind the original cartridge chamber pressures. The Oviedo receivers & barrels are threaded with a V thread as opposed to the square thread of the Remington. Spain adopted the single shot Rifle in .43 caliber Spanish, known in Europe as 11.15 mm X 58 mm R9.

The three band Full Length rifle we offer here is a classic Spanish Oviedo Arsenal produced example, stamped with CROWN / AR. O. / 1875 on right side of action, which is slightly worn. This is the Royal Cypher of Alfonso XII of Spain, who reigned from 1874 to 1885. It has the characteristic fore-stock bolt, as well as the firing pin retractor, not seen in the Remington-produced guns. The rolling block also retains the early concave top, which was removed from other Remington rolling block designs, as well as the sliding ejector on the left side.

There is a faded serial number stamped into the right side of the butt stock, which looks to read 6602. There are some other faded markings, however the original Spanish cartouche from production is completely worn away. Overall length is 52 inches, with a 37 inch barrel. The top of the barrel breech is marked “R” for Reformado, the updated chambering used by Spanish rolling blocks.

The Remington patent licensing markings on the top action strap have long since worn away but the rifle is in very good shape, looking to have been cleaned and reconditioned at arsenal long ago, which unfortunately has made some of the markings faint. The rear sight is the correct type, and is fully intact and functional. The breech opens correctly with the ejector projecting, with a functional firing pin retractor, and the hammer dry fires correctly, though the trigger pull is a bit stiff.

The bore is in very good condition, showing a partly bright finish with clear lands and grooves. There definitely is some wear on the rifling and overall fouling, so this rifle did see a fair amount of use while in service. The rifle still has the original cleaning rod under the barrel, which is in very good condition, though it can be difficult to remove.

Scarce to encounter today, an original Spanish Infantry Rifle that saw front line service for 25 years. A lovely service used example, ready to add to your collection!


Year of Manufacture: 1875
Caliber: .43 (11mm x 57R) Spanish "reformado" Remington
Cartridge Type: Centerfire Cartridge
Barrel Length: 37 Inches
Overall Length: 52 Inches
Action type: Rolling Block with Rear Hammer
Feed System: Single Shot

History of the Remington Rolling Block Rifle:

It was made in a variety of calibers, both rimfire and centerfire, including the 12.17x42 mm rimfire, 12.17x44 mm rimfire and 12.17x44 mm rimmed centerfire Swedish and Norwegian cartridges, .43 Spanish (11.15x58mmR), .50-70, 40-70,45-70, and later in .22 caliber. Later models were produced in .30-06 Springfield, 7×57mm Mauser, and 8×50mmR Lebel.

In 12.17x42mmRF and 12.18x44mmRF (two cartridges that were interchangeable), and towards the end of its service life also 8x58mmR Danish Krag centerfire, it served as the standard service rifle of the Swedish Army from 1867 to the mid-1890s (when it was replaced by the Swedish Mauser) and in Norway as the standard service rifle from 1867 to the mid-1880s (when it was replaced by the M1884 Jarmann). In .43 Spanish it was the chief service arm of the Spanish Army from 1870-1893, and was used by reserve and militia forces for many years thereafter. Many Rolling Block rifles were used by Argentina before being replaced in 1891 by the new 7.65mm Mauser, and were also widely used by Egypt and Mexico. The Remington rolling block also became the standard service rifle of the Danish Army. During the Franco-Prussian War, France acquired 210,000 Rolling Block rifles to make up for a shortage of the standard-issue Chassepot.

During World War I, the British Royal Navy purchased 4,500 Rolling Block rifles in 7mm Mauser from Remington's leftover stock after production had ended, issuing them to the crews of minesweepers and Q-ships. In November 1914, production of the Rolling Block was resumed, in the form of a French contract for rifles in 8×50mmR Lebel, designated by France as "Fusil Remington modèle 1914". 100,291 such rifles were delivered by 1916, and used to equip rear-line troops.

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