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Original British WWII-Style Set of 5 Dummy .303 British Cartridges in Lee-Enfield Stripper Clip

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Original Remanufactured Items: This is a very nice display set, made up of an original stripper clip for the WWII-Issue British bolt-action S.M.L.E. Rifle No.1 MkIII and Lee-Enfield Rifle No.4 MkI, with a set of 5 dummy cartridges to fill it. The Short Magazine Lee-Enfield series of rifles were the standard service rifles for Great Britain from 1904 up into the 1950s, through both world wars. They were developed to use the .303 British Rimmed cartridge, which is the same cartridge used by the P-14 Rifle, and Lewis and Vickers machine guns. The cartridge itself went through several revisions, before in 1910 the .303 British MkVII cartridge introduces the modern "Spitzer" style bullet.

Intended for display purposes, these rounds of fired .303 British rifle ammunition have spent primers and no propellant, and are assembled with gilding-metal (copper-like) colored bullets for a WWII lookThey were made for display purposes and were not dimensioned for functioning through the action. Ideal for safe display with your SMLE Rifle collection.

Note: Cartridges are U.S. manufactured, and Cartridge head stamps vary. Our Choice.

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