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Original Brown Bess Type Musket Flash Hole Pick

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Original Item: Another incredible find! All troops armed with flint-lock muskets and rifles had to have a flash-hole pick to clear powder residue from the flash hole every several rounds to prevent misfires. This requirement continued into the percussion era, but the tool changed. In the percussion era, it was hinged to a combination tool of some kind, whereas in the flint era and earlier it was attached to a cord or a wire chain. The opposite end of the chain often had a brush for cleaning the pan, but, alas, so far we have not found any of the brushes.

All tools from the flint and earlier eras are rare, because they were rarely kept as the guns stopped being used. The picks come in a wide range of forms; sorry, there is no choice. What they all have in common is a pointed pick end and a loop on the other end for the cord.

Length varies: Generally around 3 inches long.

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