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Original British 1863 Armstrong Muzzle Loading Rifled Cannon Canister Shell- 9lb Size

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Original Item: Original production Studded Artillery Shells that were produced between 1863 and 1865 when Copper replaced Zinc. During the U.S. Civil War Confederate Forces, at the Battle of Richmond, used a Battery of these Armstrong Rifled Cannons. However, the ever-tightening Union Blockade prevented the extensive distribution of this revolutionary weapon. These 9-lbs are excellent examples of "Studded" Shells of the same type as the ones currently on display in the WEST POINT MUSEUM and are referred to and illustrated on pages 335/336 of the excellent work "Artillery and Ammunition of the Civil War": by Warren Ripley. 

All have a brown aged finish with the copper "plaques" on the exterior and are fully INERT for you to clean up. These were produced between 1863 and 1865 and sold worldwide. The British finally adopted this weapon in 1869, and insisted on having the shells with the copper studs. Extremely rare, unusual and totally original!

Please note that this example has been cleaned with a wire wheel to show the copper studs. These are shipped as found, and may require rust removal, if desired.

Approximate Specifications:
Length: approx. 7-8"
Diameter: approx 3"
Weight: Varies

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