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Original German WWII Splitterring Fragmentation Sleeve for M24 and M43 Stick Grenades

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Original Items: Very Few Available. We have just come across a small amount of Original German WWII Splitterring (Splinter Ring) Fragmentation sleeves, which can be attached to the German Stielhandgranate (Stick Hand Grenade) Models 24 and 43.

German stick grenades typically had only a thin steel casing surrounding the explosive charge, which relied principally on blast for effect. Developed by the Heer in 1942, the addition of a fragmentation sleeve gave it greatly increased anti-personnel fragmentation ability.

These fit simply by sliding over the explosive warhead of the grenade. They are slightly undersized, and held on by spring pressure. Condition varies widely with the amount of paint and corrosion present, from lightly used to battlefield pickup.  Hand selection is available but we cannot guarantee any specific level of paint.

A rare chance to pick up a great accessory for your German grenade collection.

Note: Fragmentation Sleeve only. Grenade not Included.

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