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Original U.S. WWII Named Western US Navy “L71 SeaBee” Utility Knife With Correct Leather Sheath - Carlton P. Hucker USNR, Civil Engineer Corps (Civil Engineer V)

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Original Item: Only One Available. Here we have a magnificent example of a utility knife from the tumultuous era of WWII, which is highly sought-after and incredibly rare to find in such remarkable condition. This outstanding piece comes complete with an equally attractive leather belt scabbard, adding to its charm and elegance. This utility knife is a fine example of the excellent craftsmanship of Western Cutlery of Boulder Colorado, which was one of the several companies that produced such knives. During WWII, the demand for fighting knives was at its peak, especially in the Pacific theater where the battles were fierce and intense. However, not all soldiers were furnished with these knives, leading to a burgeoning private market for fighting knives. Western-made knives were all beautifully made with a bluing comparable to that seen on hunting rifles which can still be seen on this example. Although they never had any major government contracts they sold thousands of knives through private and unit purchases.

This exquisite knife showcases a classic design with a single-edged clip point blade that is both sharp and sturdy. However, what sets this knife apart from others of its kind is its remarkable stacked leather washer handle, which provides a comfortable grip and adds an element of sophistication to its appearance over the “grooved” types. The knife's striking appearance may lead one to assume it is a Western G-46-5 "Baby Shark" Fighting Knife; however, upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that it is its own entity, with a distinct identity from Western as the “L71”. The knife is in excellent condition, with only minor signs of use, such as a small bend on the edge, and indications of being well-maintained through cleaning. It comes with a handsome leather belt sheath that is as durable as it is stylish, complete with a retaining loop at the top to ensure that the knife remains securely in place.

This is an exceptional opportunity to add a rare and beautifully preserved Western Utility Knife to your collection. The knife is accompanied by an original scabbard from the World War II era, further enhancing its historical significance. The knife's condition is exemplary, with no signs of extensive wear or damage. Its sleek design and sturdiness make it a reliable tool for any outdoor activity. This knife is an excellent representation of the US military knives used during the war, and it is ready to be displayed with pride.

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