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Original U.S. WWII F.J. Richtig Aluminum Hunter / Carver Fighting Knife with Location & Date Marked Belt Sheath

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Original Item: Only One Available. Here we have a wonderful example of a hard to find WWII fighting knife in really good condition, complete with its original belt scabbard. During WWII there was a very large demand for fighting knives, particularly in the Pacific theater. Not all soldiers would normally be issued them, so the private market for fighting knives was booming.

Frank J. Richtig was one of many makers making knives during this time, and he made several different main models of knives, with the "Fighter" being a more traditional fighting knife with a brass fit leather handle, and the "Aluminum Carver" being more utilitarian, with a thinner blade and aluminum handle cast directly around the tang. The standard carver had a blade a lot like a carving or fileting knife, while the "Aluminum Carver / Hunter" had several styles of wider blades, such as a more "cleaver" style, and a "bowie style, such as this example.

This lovely example has a 5 3/8" single clip point blade, which measures the correct 0.048" in thickness, and is set into a cast aluminum "knife" style handle. This has the correct maker marking for Richtig stamped into the rear left side:


Condition is excellent, showing little sign of use, and just some wear and light oxidation staining from long storage. The original grind marks on the sides of the blade are still easily visible, so it has not been cleaned much at all, and the handle is simply great.

The  leather sheath is intact and solid, and matches the "pancake" style these are usually found in. It matches the knife well, and even has a location and date marked on it: 

March 27, 1943

An excellent example of a rare Richtig Hunter / Carver fighting knife, complete with an original scabbard. This would be a fantastic way to fill out a World War II US military knives. Ready to display!

Blade Length: 5 3/8"
Blade Style: Single Edged Clip Point
Overall length: 9 5/8“
Crossguard: n/a
Scabbard Length: 6 1/2" with 4 3/4" Belt Loop

More about Frank J. Richtig:
Frank Richtig made knives for about 50 years from the 1930's to the 1970's. He was born in Nebraska in 1887, and became an apprentice blacksmith in 1905, and in 1916 began experimenting with electric heat treating of steel. in 1925 he started producing knives. He produced many styles of cast aluminum handled kitchen knives as well as aluminum and regular handled hunting knives. His main credit would be in his secret tempering method. Where ever he'd set up his wares he'd bring an anvil along and proceed to cut a piece of metal in two and still retain an edge sharp enough to shred paper. In 1936 Frank Richtig appeared in Ripley’s Believe It or Not after using one of his knives to cut the lock from a jail cell. Richtig’s claim to fame, so to speak, was in his blades. Having the proper amount of hardness to cut through steel and iron, and yet be able to maintain a fine cutting edge. It is said that Richtig’s method of treating the steel, a closely guarded secret while he was alive, is is something he took to the grave with him. One of his other unique features was his cast aluminum handles. In 1938 he was declared a Master Ironsmith by the National Blacksmith and Welders Association. Frank passed away in 1977.

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