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Original Japanese WWII Imperial Japanese Army Civilian Employee Medals, Buckle and Insignia Lot - 22 Items

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Original Items: Only One Lot of 22 Available. Much like the various other nations who participated during WWII, Japan enlisted the help of civilians to fill the much needed gaps for not only the frontlines on a battlefield, but the “frontlines” for their industrial productions and other fields such as veterinary medicine.

The items in this lot are all related to the various fields of employment within the service to the Empire not as a soldier, but a civilian. These are awards, sleeve badges to indicate their jobs and collar tabs for their “rank” or seniority amongst the other workers.

The items in this lot:
- 9 Sleeve “Rating” Patches: These round patches are all similar in design with the only difference being the color of the 5 pointed star and the device that would be worn on it. For example, we believe the Red one would be a “mercenary” or a civilian soldier type while the Tan star is for veterinarian purposes. Not too much is known about the civilian insignia used during the war, making this a wonderful research project.

- 4 Medals: These are 4 beautiful medals but unfortunately they remain unidentified.

- x5 Civilian Army Employee Collar Tab: All tabs are in good condition with bright and vivid colors.

- Civilian Army Employee Name Tag: We believe the last name to be the surname Ohno.

- Fire Brigade Belt With Buckle: Both the belt and buckle are in good, serviceable condition. The khaki belt is slightly stained but there is no significant damage present. The buckle appears to have retained much of the original silver wash and a majority of the pebbling designs still visible.

- Fire Brigade Belt Buckle: The buckle retains much of the original gold wash and is in good condition, however, it appears to have been repaired at one point.

These are all wonderful items from a seldom seen area within the Imperial Japanese Army. They all come more than ready for further research and display.

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