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Medieval Maximilian Knight Helmet - 18G Steel with Leather Liner

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Item Description

New Made Item: Characterized by the fluted visor, popularized during the reign of the Emperor Maximilian (1494-1519), this style of armor remained in vogue until the mid 16th century. The visor hinges up and the side plates hinge out for access. Manufactured in 18 gauge steel, with full genuine leather liner this excellent replica is ready for use or display.

Maximilian I (22 March 1459 - 12 January 1519), the son of Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor, and Eleanor of Portugal, was King of the Romans (also known as King of the Germans) from 1486 and Holy Roman Emperor from 1508 until his death, though he was never in fact crowned by the Pope, the journey to Rome always being too risky. He had ruled jointly with his father for the last ten years of his father's reign, from c. 1483. He expanded the influence of the House of Habsburg through war and his marriage in 1477 to Mary of Burgundy, the heiress to the Duchy of Burgundy, but he also lost the Austrian territories in today's Switzerland to the Swiss Confederacy.

Through marriage of his son Philip the Handsome to eventual queen Joanna of Castile in 1498, Maximilian helped to establish the Habsburg dynasty in Spain that allowed his grandson Charles to hold the throne of both León-Castile and Aragon, thus making Charles V the first de jure King of Spain. Since his father Philip died in 1506, Charles succeeded Maximilian as Holy Roman Emperor in 1519, and thus ruled both the Holy Roman Empire and the Spanish Empire simultaneously.

Key Features

- Fabricated From 18 Gauge Steel
- Includes a genuine leather liner.
- Moving visor and side plates.
- Great Protection for Sparring, Reenactments, and More.
- Size Large. Fit us to a 26" head circumference.
- Weight 6 lbs

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