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German WWII Helmet Cover with Steel Hooks Reversible Summer and Autumn Oak Pattern A Camouflage

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New Made Item: High quality M35, M40, M42 helmet cover with steel attachment hooks. Reversible Summer/Autumn Oak Pattern A Camouflage. Constructed of canvas, with Good stitching and correct pattern shape. Fits M35 and M40 shell sizes up to size 66. M42 helmets are slightly larger due to the lack of a rolled edge, so it may not fit all size 66 M42 Shells.

Note: The fabric used on the reversible camouflage is only surface dyed, as there is a different pattern on each side. We do not recommend washing them as the dye is very easily rubbed away. Do not wash in water, dryclean only: Petroleum Solvent, do not bleach. There is a care label on the plastic packaging for each of these, as we cannot attach a label to the cover.

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