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U.S. Thompson SMG M1 M1A1 .45 Barrel

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New Made Item: MADE IN THE USA! Copied from 5 originals and using original US schematics for reference, these are excellent new made .45 Thompson M1/M1A1 SMG Barrels. We have only a few extra that haven't been committed to our parts sets, so act fast as these will not last. Front Sight not included. Excellent M1/M1A1 TSMG Thompson Sub-Machine Gun barrel, 45 ACP caliber without fins, no muzzle threads, full auto chamber, 10.5" alloy with blue/black finish.

Length: 10 1/2 inches

Caliber: .45ACP

Note: This is a "Short Barrel" under 16 inches in length. All NFA rules apply. Compatible with original WW2 Spec Thompson Machine Guns. May not be compatible with new production West Hurley or Kahr Arms Thompson Machine guns.

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