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Original Pre-WWII Military Surplus MP-28 Submachine Gun Sling with Mauser GEW 98 Style Sling Attachment

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Original Items: Very Few Available. In the process of tidying up around the IMA warehouse we were fortunate to uncover some items that haven't seen the light of day in several decades, these slings being one of them! These are Pre-WWII era Leather Slings intended for use with the Schmeisser MP-28 Submachine Gun.

The slings are made of brown leather with brass buckle and finial stud. Each sling is fitted with a steel Mauser 98 Style Sling Attachment. The slings are in good, serviceable, condition Some slight variation should be expected with the slings. Some may have markings, small slight nuances with hardware, and so on.

Measures 45 ¼” in length x 1” wide.

The MP-28:
The Haenel MP 28/II was designed by Hugo Schmeisser in the late 1920s as an improvement on his earlier MP 18/I submachine gun. The MP 28/II followed a similar layout to the MP 18/I, but introduced several new features, such as a reconfigured magazine feed taking 20 or 32-round Schmeisser pattern box magazines instead of TM 08 "snail magazines" (this feature was later retrofitted to some examples of the MP 18/I), and a fire selector switch above the trigger which included a mechanical safety. The bolt and recoil spring were also redesigned, and an adjustable tangent rear sight was fitted in place of the MP 18/I's flip-up sight.

The MP 28/II was manufactured by C.G. Haenel of Suhl, and was adopted by the German border guard, the Waffen-SS, and was issued to certain rearguard sections of the Wehrmacht during the early stages of World War II to make up for shortages of the newer MP 40. It was also exported to several countries, including Belgium, Brazil, Bolivia, the Netherlands, and Portugal. The MP 28/II was succeeded by the MP 41.

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