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Original German WWII Heeresatmer Breathing Apparatus

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a WWII German Heeresatmer, self-contained breathing Apparatus. Rare piece of German Equipment. The Heeresatmer (HA) was a self-contained oxygen breathing apparatus seemly developed from a series of sets manufactured by Draeger. Visually and mechanically quite similar to the Draeger Modell 1923 and the Modell 160 apparatuses, the HA entered the German Army service in early 1937. Despite its military name the Heeresatmer was also used by various civilian organizations but could find their sets being requisitioned by the army should the need arise. The HA was issued for use in atmosps w an ordinary filter respirator was insufficient, namely in confined spaces with deficiencies of oxygen, in very high concentrations of toxic air or in the presence of poison gas that filters could not protect against. The danger of such atmosps was such that German regulations specified that the Heeresatmer was to be "always used with two, preferably three men, each similarly equipped" in case one of the team was injured or his apparatus failed for whatever reason. Description Weighing in at 11.8kg, the Heeresatmer consisted of a lightweight metal two-piece casting carried on the back using two leather shoulder straps and a waist belt. Ribs were raised on the outer surface of the back panel of the casing, allowing the apparatus to be pushed along ahead of the wearer should he need to remove the set from his back to negotiate a low or narrow obstacle. The back panel could be removed by the use of a spring-loaded catch at the bottom of the casing. Inside, mounted on the main part of the casing were the main components: the oxygen control group, oxygen bottle and breathing bag, with the necessary connecting tubes and hoses. On a shelf near the top of the casing sat the CO2 regeneration filter. Running through the holes in the casing were a pressure gauge for the oxygen supply and a twin hose assembly that lead to the face piece. Those using the Heeresatmer wore their normal respirator face piece with it; this was so that the face piece would be guaranteed to provide a proper fit for the individual. Face pieces fitted with outlet valves required a slight adjustment before they could be used; the screw cap used to seal the twin hose manifold whilst it was stowed in the transit chest was fitted over the valve from inside the mask in order to keep the circuit sealed from the outside atmosp when the Heeresatmer was in use. Description of Item for Sale Item is complete except for: CO2 regeneration filter external hoses and mask. Item retains 80% of the original paint on the outside and 90% of the paint on the inside. Item is stamped with "Heeresatmer (HA)" on the outside. Some indistinguishable marks can be found on the back side of the pack but cannot be made out. Internal hoses are in good condition and are very pliable. Item is a good example of a rare piece of German Military Equipment.
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