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Original German WWI Model 1894 26.65mm Hebel Flare Signal Pistol - Marked B.P. 267

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Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This is a very nice condition WWI Imperial German Model 1894 Hebel flare pistol. These were manufactured by many different companies, not all of which can be identified from the markings along. This example is marked with B.P. 267 on the left side of the barrel frame. We unfortunately have not discovered which manufacture this represents, however the serial numbers were overstruck, so this example was most likely repaired at the factory.

There are very interesting markings on the right side of the barrel, which we have not seen before:

26,65 ( 4 )
12 . 15
3 . 41

These appear amidst several small proof marks, including the German Imperial Eagle, and Crown over B for Beschuss = proof load fired. The indicate the size 26.65mm, and possibly manufacture in December 1915. The other making may indicate inspection for use in WWII in 1941, but we cannot confirm this.

Metal finish is a nice worn blue with some small areas of pitting on the frame and barrel. The wood grips have original finish and a good tight fit with some normal handling marks. Lanyard ring is still present (rare). Mechanically tight and excellent.

These were used by the German Military throughout both world wars, being used when signalling to German soldier to go "over the top" when leaving their trenches and engaging Allied forces. German aviators often carried this type of flare pistol to shoot at British aircraft and then-hydrogen filled balloons.

A classic Great War German flare gun that may have seen service in both world wars. This will make a nice addition to any collection.

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